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Doctors and staff at Gordon Eye Surgery (GES) are actively involved in many aspects of teaching and training of eye care professionals, which includes colleagues, trainee ophthalmologists, general practitioners and medical students.

Professor John Grigg and Dr Samantha Fraser-Bell are respectively, Head and Associate Professors of the Discipline of Ophthalmology at The University of Sydney’s Save Sight Institute.

Many of GES doctors also hold multiple Clinical Senior Lecture positions across NSW Universities, such as Macquarie University and University of Sydney.

GES doctors are involved in registrar training in the public hospital for which they work at. Registrars are also invited to work at GES alongside the doctors, with Dr Geoffrey Painter supervising.

Orthoptic students from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) attend GES to learn and improve their clinical skills. Co-ordinated by Julie and Anne, all GES clinical teams are involved in this collaboration. Donna Glenn also periodically lectures to the orthoptic students at UTS.

GES also regularly holds training sessions for general practitioners and optometrists to update their knowledge in eye care.

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