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You can find a copy of our Patient Details Form by clicking this link.

How do I find the practice?

You can enter the building from either:

  • The Pacific Highway
    Entry to the complex is between the Westpac and Commonwealth Bank buildings. As you enter the building, look out for the Cafe DoReMi and the Cockatoo Bar and Restaurant. The lifts will be on the left side of the building.
  • Wade Lane
    The lift / stairs to enter the complex are next to PRP, when you enter the courtyard you will need to walk to the other end where the lifts are in the far right corner.

Where can I park?

  1. Free council parking directly behind our building (Wade Lane).
  2. There is free 3 hour parking across the road in the Gordon Centre (across Pacific Highway).
  3. There is council parking opposite our building (Moree Street).
  4. We provide limited set-down and pick-up only bays for elderly and disabled patients within our basement car park at 3 Wade Lane.
  5. If you have a disabled parking sticker on your car there are six disabled parking places within the building which you can use for the duration of your visit to Gordon Eye Surgery. Enter the car park via Wade Lane, and the car park entry is just after the PRP sign.

What should I bring on my first visit?

  • Your referral from a GP or optometrist
  • Any current glasses
  • A pension card, if available
  • Your Medicare card
  • Your Private Health Insurance card, if available
  • Any notes or relevant history about your eyes
  • A list of your current medication

Can I drive to the appointment and home again?

At your appointment you may have drops in that can blur your vision and make you sensitive to light. If you can arrange for someone to drive you or use public transport it is advisable. Parking is available in the onsite multi level car park.


How long will I be at the surgery?

On average appointments can take 1 ½ hours. This will depend on what sort and how many extra tests you require and also whether you are to have dilating drops which requires a time to wait for them to work. Also the doctors can at times be running late which is often due to the policy at Gordon Eye Surgery to always accept emergency appointments for serious and sight threatening events that may occur and require immediate attention.


How much will the examination cost?

Please call our office (02 9418 1488) for details as costs vary according to whether you have a pension card and also depending on which doctor you are seeing and the type of appointment and other examinations you are having.


Why do I need a referral?

The doctors at Gordon Eye Surgery are specialists and therefore you should be referred to access the services from either a General Practitioner or an Optometrist.

By ensuring you have a relevant and current referral you are entitled to a medicare rebate for your consultation.


Will I get a rebate from Medicare?

Yes, if your referral is current this will maximise the medicare rebate and that you have registered and are entitled to medicare subsidies.

The consultation and most testing procedures will attract a medicare refund which can be submitted by our administration staff on your behalf.


Does Gordon Eye Surgery bulk bill consultations?

Gordon Eye Surgery is a private specialist practice, which means that you will need to pay for your consultation at the time of your appointment. At the time of your consultation, the reception staff can send the details of the payment straight to Medicare so that you can recieve your medicare rebate quickly.


Can I claim with my Private Health Fund?
The consulation costs (any treatment occuring at the Gordon Eye Surgery clinic) is NOT claimable from your private health insurer, however medicare may give rebates. If you have surgery at a hospital, then you may be entitle to a medicare and private health insurance rebate, which the Gordon Eye Surgery staff can assist with the claiming.

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