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Clinical Staff

Clinical staff at Gordon Eye Surgery include a dedicated team of nurses trained in eye care and orthoptists who investigate patients vision using the current extensive range of technology available at the centre.

The clinical staff will do necessary eye tests as requested by your treating doctor as a preliminary part of your visit to the Gordon Eye Surgery.

For more information about the role of orthoptists please visit the Orthoptics Australia website.

Pamela Walton

Orthoptist (Eye Therapist)

BAppSc (Orthoptics) Hons, University of Sydney

Pamela graduated as an orthoptist in 1982. After working in a private orthoptic practice on Sydney’s North Shore, and a casual work at Young Base Hospital, Pamela moved to Sweden to work as an orthoptist in a public hospital. After two years abroad, she returned to Sydney and took up the position as Chief Orthoptist, Westmead Hospital Eye Clinic where she worked for ten years. Following this, Pamela continued with part-time work in private ophthalmological practices whilst raising her three children. She then returned to work at Sydney Eye Hospital where she acted as Head of Department for eighteen months before moving to Gordon Eye Surgery.

Pamela’s interest and expertise encompasses the assessment and treatment of turned eyes, double vision, abnormal eye movements (including Hess Chart) and binocular vision. She is also an expert in Goldmann field assessment (manual peripheral visual field assessment).

Gordon Eye Surgery