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Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the world to date. While this is a common condition and the surgery is performed routinely and safely by the skilled surgeons at Gordon Eye Surgery there is a considerable amount of training and precision of the technique involved in the selection of the lens to be used, the delicate extraction of the old, clouded lens and the insertion of the new, clear artificial lens.

The surgery is considered a once only procedure as once a cataract is removed it can never grow back thus leaving the patient with good, clear, functional vision.

After cataract surgery (in varying times for every patient) a condition called PCO (posterior capsule opacification) can occur. This is where a membrane that sits behind the new artificial lens can go cloudy and thicken. This can start to interfere with your vision. Treatment of this condition is by use of one or several laser treatments. The latest approach is referred to as Femtosecond Laser.

This is done in the Gordon clinic and is a relatively trouble-free process for the patient.

The lenses used in cataract surgery are a treatment option as they provide a range of choices of focus and function for patients. Some lenses provide multiple areas of focus and are only suitable for some patients who meet specific criteria for their visual demand. Other lenses can be selected to “set” the eyes for near or far focus, this is commonly referred to as “monovision” or more precisely “blended vision”. All of these options are available to you by the Gordon Eye Surgery doctors and after a discussion with your surgeon you will be measured for your lens so that the precise lens can be ordered and customised for optimum vision.

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