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Oculoplastics is the sub-specialty of ophthalmology that is concerned with not only cosmetic appearance of the eyes but also the function of the eye lids, tear ducts and muscles. There are many causes of “droopy” or “sagging” eye lids and an oculoplastic surgeon will assess this to ensure the right course of treatment is undertaken. Many of the sagging lids are treated with an operation called a blepharoplasty where a small, overhanging portion of the lid is removed in order to give a wider, more open appearance to the eyes.

Botox treatment is also available for a condition called blepharospasm where the eyes clamp shut.

Many Australians have poor lid position due to scarring from sun damage or previous removal of skin cancers and can benefit from a minor surgery to adjust the lids for better comfort or function. This laxity in the lids is called ectropian and is a day only surgery with mild sedation used for patient comfort.

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