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Corneal Grafts

Corneal grafting has come a long way in recent times with the use of lasers in order to “cut” both the recipient and donor tissue for a precise fit. This is generally a day stay procedure and the patient is free to go home under the supervision of a friend or family member after a few hours in recovery. The corneal surgeons at Gordon Eye Surgery utilise these latest techniques to enhance both safety, recovery and long term visual outcomes.

There are multiple techniques used. Some grafts are “full thickness” (penetrating keratoplasty) while others require only a part of the donor tissue to be used. The type of graft used is dependent on the reason for the graft, a person with a severe injury may require a “full thickness” graft while someone with a severe keratoconus unable to be treated by other means may be treated with a partial thickness graft or Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK).

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