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Gordon Eye Surgery and Lane Cove Eye Surgery awarded Accreditation

Gordon & Lane Cove Eye Surgeries has been awarded full accreditation against the National Safety and Quality Primary and Community Healthcare (NSQPCH) Standards. Accreditation is independent recognition that an organisation, practice, service, program or activity meets the requirements of defined criteria or standards. Accreditation provides quality and performance assurance for owners, managers, staff, funding bodies and […]

How to instil drops from a vial

Sapna Nand – Senior Patient Educator at Glaucoma Australia, answers a frequently asked question about instilling eye drops from a vial. For further assistance, please contact Gordon Eye Surgery directly on 02 9418 1488.

Screens, Lack of Sun Are Causing an Epidemic of Myopia

Nearsightedness is on the rise worldwide, but there are ways to help children preserve their vision Kids aren’t spending enough time outside. It’s fueling an epidemic of nearsightedness. Nearsightedness develops in childhood, typically between ages 5 and 16, and it’s closely linked to a lack of exposure to sunlight. Eye doctors say more kids are […]